• Complex Restorations in a Relaxed Manner


Craniomandibular dysfunction

There are plenty of symptoms that indicate malfunction of the mandibular joint or symptoms that are caused by malfunction of the mandibular joint.

As a rule, the first remedy is created through splint therapy i.e. the lower jaw is brought into a new position which is better for your mandibular joints as well as for your muscles.

The position of your lower in comparison to your upper jaw has an impact on the posture of your full body.

We recommend to first speak to your dentist. For further information please take a look at the following literature:

The slightly different headache and face pain: Craniomandibular dysfunctions CMD

This can result in a complete restoration. This requires exponential competence as for the smaller, usual restorations. There is only a very small percentage of dentists and dental technicians who successfully perform regular “full mouth” restorations.

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