• Complex Restorations in a Relaxed Manner

Are you a dentist and would like to carry out large and complex renovations?

Are your patients at a stage where they need extensive care?


You know or fear the following adversities?

⁃ Your major renovation will be rejected by the expert.
⁃ Your patients do not understand the goal or result of the planned renovation.
⁃ Your patients cannot experience or evaluate the result beforehand.
⁃ You don't know beforehand whether the renovation will work afterwards in terms of functionality.
⁃ The renovation will not look the way you imagined.
⁃ You will need significantly more sessions than you wanted to complete the renovation.
⁃ After insertion, you will have to make occlusal adjustments for months.
⁃ You get nightmare about your major renovations.

If you know one or the other, then I can give you some good news:

With us you can remove these adversities from your everyday work.

 Digital Workflow
Boosted with analog experience


Why to choose us?

We believe that every person deserves a fitting solution - as individual as people themselves.

We manufacture individual product for every patient and perfect fitting for every situation.

Our professional passion and sovereignty are our motivation:

The basis of a masterpiece is analysis and planning based on the latest scientific knowledge. We work closely with the scientific society: German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry DGÄZ

Expert for
Functional and Esthetic Dental Technology

The basis of a masterpiece among other things, is the facial and model analysis according to Stefan Schunke© as well as the restoration planning according to Dr. Diether Reusch.

We only manufacture and use individual abutments made of titanium or zirconium based on titanium adhesive according to the latest scientific standards.
Upon request, we prepare the abutments for our customers using a validated system: Finevo cleaning system

The eLab-system is an inherent part of our workflow.

Examples of our work

Certified Expert in Aesthetic & Functional Dental Technology, DGÄZ

Function is what you feel that fits to you

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